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A Review of our PN11 Neoprene Wall Ties 1

A Review of our PN11 Neoprene Wall Ties

Many thanks to Paul for the lovely review left of our PAM PN11 Neoprene Wall Ties.

[su_quote cite=”Paul, Stockport”]We have been using Pam Ties for a while now and i can’t fault them. Customer service is always on point. We buy all our PN11 Neoprene Wall Ties from these guys, and i’ve gotta say, they are the best i’ve used, and by far the best price !! I’ve tried other firms but am sticking with PAM Ties. These guys MAKE their ties and Ash and the team provide great service !![/su_quote]

Reading this quote prompted me to publish a few facts about our PN11 Wall Ties.  These are incredibly popular ties and we sell thousands of these every week. PAM Ties started out as a wall ties company (P.A.M. are the initials of the three founders).  This has confused people on occasion, and please make sure you don’t misspell   the URL!

So, what can I tell you about these ties?  Here are the facts / spcification:

[su_animate]PAM NEOPRENE MECHANICAL WALL TIE – PN11[/su_animate]


Stainless Steel
♦    A2 304 grade M5 bar with brass locking nuts, washers and anti-slip knurled nut.

Neoprene Expansions
♦    The inner neoprene spreader has oversized ridges to create an immediate grip on the wall of the hole removing the reliance on the knurled nut to hold whilst the inner section of the tie is expanded.
♦    To reduce damage to the brickwork and to allow for movement between the two leaves without reducing any performance in tension. A drip ring is fitted.

Drill Diameter
♦   10-11mm into normal brick and blockwork.
♦   10-11mm into outer leaf only if Stock or Accrington brick.
♦   Minimum depth of drill hole into the inner leaf – 70mm.

Pull Out Strengths in Kn
♦   Stock or Accrington brick – 2.9Kn
♦   Common Brickwork – 2.7Kn
♦   Blockwork – 2.1Kn
♦   Soft Blockwork – 1.9Kn
♦   40N Concrete – 3.0Kn
♦   30N Concrete – 2.7Kn

Installation Technique
Expand the tie into both the inner and outer leaf to the recommended torque.

Suitable where the walls are sound. Are simple to install and inner leaf connection can be checked before the outer leaf is tightened. Unsuitable for timber frame buildings.

Field of Use
Domestic dwellings, small commercial buildings up to three storeys,(not greater than fifteen metres in height) comprising of brick or blockwork of similar thickness.

[su_animate type=”rotateIn”]Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information given in this post is reliable, we cannot accept responsibility for any work carried out with our meterials as have no control over the method of use. We advise customers, in their own interests, to ensure that this post has not been superseded in a more up to date post or publication. All products are sold subject to our standard conditions of sale which are available on request.[/su_animate]

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