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Prevention and removal of mould from your home or workspace 1

Prevention and removal of mould from your home or workspace

It is estimated 1 in 3 houses in the UK suffer from damp issues, the majority of these issues are caused by high humidity and condensation.  If left untreated condensation and high humidity will  lead to mould growth and create the perfect environment for dust mites to thrive.

It is incredibly important to clean mould away on a regulary basis.  It is far easier to accomplish this than you may think, and we have a variety of products which can help.

PAM Ties Mould removal kit
PAM Ties Mould removal kit

To get rid of mould (or Aspergillus Niger – our most common form of mould in domestic properties, for those of you who like latin), you should wipe down your affected surfaces with PAM Ties Mould Killer & Steriliser.

We also do a fantastic Mould Removal kit,  which contains everything you need to eradicate mould and help prevent its return.

Clothes that have been affected by mildew should be taken to your dry cleaners, and affected carpets should be shampooed.  Using a vaccuum cleaner to eradicate mould is not recommended, as this could spread spores around the environment.  This can also distribute airborne particles, which in turn can lead to respiratory problems!

After you have treated the mould you should redocorate, adding our anti-mould paint additive to your paint.  This will help in preventing the mould’s return.  Our additive can also be added to wallpaper paste and tile grout.

Our customers often ask if using a dehumidifier in rooms affected by mould will solve the problem.  What a dehumidifer will do is reduce airborne moisture, and while this will reduce the problem they are expensive to run, noisy and require emptying everyday. Pam ties stock a wide range of energy efficient products which will do a far better job than any humidifier could hope to do.

From our best selling EL1003 constant running extractor fan which costs less than a pound a year to run to our most popular whole house condensation homedry loft PIV unit.

You can read some further articles on condensation here on our blog, and remember – our advice is always free, so if you need help, give Paul (our damp proofing boffin)  a call on 01942 887920 or email us on!

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