Composite Roof Slate Tile

IKOslates are suitable for installation on felt-and-batten roofs with pitches from 22.5° – 90°.
They can be installed on fully boarded roofs down to 18°.

IKOslate is a composite roof slate manufactured from mineral reinforced, 99% recycled and re-engineered materials. Its unique structure gives it superior strength and makes it easier to handle and install.

IKOslate has the same aesthetic qualities as slate because moulds of quarried slates are used to form them. Each mould imparts different textures and patterns and its natural look is enhanced by a realistic ‘slate grey’ finish.

IKOslate allows the experienced roofer, or contractor without extensive roofing experience, to deliver a sustainable roof with the look and feel of slate faster and more economically than previously possible.

Composite Roof Slate Tile IKOslate - Slate Grey - 1.5m2

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