DPC Cream

A physical damp proofing course is a waterproof layer that is built into the base of a wall to prevent the absorption of ground water into the home.

Where a damp proofing course is missing or has been rendered ineffective then it is possible to inject a damp proofing cream to stop rising damp. Rising damp in buildings usually occurs where a physical damp proof course has been bridged or damaged.

  • Abutting soil, paving or concrete located at a level that bridges the damp proof course
  • Render coats or mortar pointing that extends across the line of the DPC
  • Blockages in wall cavities that build up to a level higher than that of the waterproof layer
  • Structural movement or building alterations that break the continuity of the damp course
PAMDry 1 ltr DPC cream

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