Vent Axia (PIV)

Over the last 30 years homes have become more energy efficient through the installation of double glazing, cavity wall and loft insulation, these measures are designed to keep the heat in, reducing the energy required to heat your home whilst limiting expense and protecting the environment.

These same measures also reduce the natural ventilation in your home and as a consequence your indoor air quality could have suffered. Lo-Carbon and heat recovery ventilation is rising in popularity to solve this problem and can ensure your family has the best indoor environment at the lowest possible running costs.

PureAir Home is designed to eradicate condensation and mould from your home. It reduces the risk of health issues in the home by improving indoor air quality and quickly eradicating conditions that lead to mould growth and associated health issues such as asthma and itchy skin. The unit reduces humidity in the air, curing condensation and creating a healthier indoor environment.

Vent Axia PIV

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Showing all 4 results