Tanking Slurry

KA Tanking Slurry is a unique waterproofing system designed to stop water leakage, ingress or seepage using insoluble water crystals that form within the cracks, fissures and water bearing capillaries to ensure permanent water tightness.

The KA Tanking Slurry is supplied as a powder, the product is mixed with water and can be applied directly to concrete, blockwork, masonry or cement renders.

Suitable for use on:

  • Retaining Walls & columns in reservoirs
  • Swimming Pools prior to tiling or painting
  • Concrete drinking water tanks
  • Water Treatment & sewerage plants
  • Foundation Slabs
  • Underground Cellars, basement car parks, garages, etc.
  • Pre-stressed & pre-cast concrete units
  • Tunnels, silos, irrigation channels
  • Bathrooms, kitchens, etc
  • Lift Shafts
  • Vehicle maintenance pits
KA Tanking Slurry

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Showing all 3 results