Nuaire Extractor Fans

Nuaire Extractor Fans new houses are being built with better construction methods and are becoming more airtight. The downside to this is that warm, moist air is being trapped indoors, which can lead to condensation dampness and poor indoor air quality if adequate ventilation is not provided.

Extract fans are fitted in a dwelling’s ‘wet rooms’ and provide rapid extraction of moisture and pollutants. An efficient extract fan will remove moisture from the air, preventing condensation and the associated problems and improving the indoor air quality.

Nuaire’s range of extract fans are designed to operate in conjunction with “rapid ventilation” options, such as by opening a window and through “background ventilation” such as trickle vents in windows.

Installing single room extract fans will help you meet the minimum ventilation requirements in current Building Regulations and are a simple and cost-effective method of doing so.

Nuaire Faith Extractor Fan

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Showing all 4 results