Solar Optimsers & Monitoring

Solar Optimsers & Monitoring, also known as Panel Level Optimisation (PLO), is an extra feature that can be added to your solar panel installation. As a single module added to each solar panel, the technology serves to optimise the power output from each of your solar panels individually.

Most solar panel systems are connected in what are called “strings”. Each string will have several panels that are connected in a set. In this set, if one of your solar panels is not working at its optimal capacity, the other panels will only work to the level of their strongest acting panel. This may be due to the fact that one of your panels might be under a large tree, or it may not be as clean as the others due to dirt and debris.

Tigo Optimser 1000VUL – 1.2M Cable (MC4 Compatible) TS4-A-O

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