Remedial Neoprene Wall Ties

The neoprene wall tie is the reliable double mechanical precision pre-torqued replacement wall tie that sets new standards in replacement wall ties. Its unique special stainless steel precision limited torque nut combined with the precision modified stainless steel bar provides a fixing system which permits:

  • Rapid continuous fixing to both inner and outer leafs in under ten seconds.
  • Ensures inner leaf fixes to pre-torqued level before outer leaf engages
  • Pre-torque setting reliably produces pull out figures of over 2.5 kilo newtons.
  • Independent pull testing of the inner leaf AFTER fixing into the wall allows any or every tie to be pull tested on the inner leaf after initial fixing if required.
  • Can be easily fitted using a power drill or a single manual tool for fast, efficient low cost installation.
Neoprene Remedial Wall Tie

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