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Product Facts : PAM Dual Ultra - Wet and Dry Rot Elimination 1

Product Facts : PAM Dual Ultra – Wet and Dry Rot Elimination

This is the time of year when the weather is cold and damp (unless you are lucky enough to live in warmer climes!).  There’s no reason why our homes and workplaces should sufffer though, so we are going to highlight a number of the product here at PAM Ties that can help maintain your building, whataver the weather.  This week we are looking at PAM Dual ultra…..



PAM Dual Ultra
Pam Dual Ultra eradicates wet & dry rot and woodworm!

• For application – Spray, Brush or Dip
• Low Odour
• H.S.E. one hour re-entry approval

Common Wood Borers
• Powderpost
• Common furniture beetle
• Death watch beetle
• House longhorn

Wet Rot or Dry Rot
• Brown or white strands (Dry rot are much thicker)
• Timber darkened or bleached
• Cuboidal cracking of timber
• Red/rust coloured spores
• White cotton wool like growth (Mycelium)

Step 1 Mix the contents with water to make up to 25 litre volume.
Step 2 Spray, brush or dip all the timber until saturated. One diluted litre will cover
approximately 4 square metres. Dip for a minimum of 3 minutes.
Step 3 Once sprayed, clean off all the dead strands from the timber.
Step 4 Leave until dry and then re-apply.
Step 5 Re-entry in one hour after application

Other products that may be of use with PAM Dual Ultra
1) Metal 10 Litre pressure spray pump Return spray nozzle to obtain more coverage
2) 100mm Paintbrush
3) PAM Masonry Biocide For sterilisation of brickwork

You can get your hands on this fantastic product here on our PAM Ties site :


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