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Brass wall tie

Wall Ties for Brick-to-Block Construction

What are wall ties?

Wall ties are the hidden metal components that are used within cavity walls. They play an essential role in maintaining the stability and safety of the cavity walls by helping to hold the bricks together.

It is essential that you choose the correct type of wall tie for the type of brickwork. Our huge range of wall ties includes neoprene ties, wavy wall ties, frame cramp ties, brass ties and drive fix wall ties.

These types of wall ties are available in varying lengths, plus they come in boxes of 100 or 200. With so many different types of wall ties available to purchase, it can be difficult to know what to choose. We take a look at five of the most commonly used wall ties and explain their uses, so that you can choose the best wall tie for your project in no time.

Wavy Wall Ties

Wavy wall ties are a type of wall tie which has a wavy-shaped tail. These types of ties are designed to be used when you have one leaf of wall and need to build another. Our wavy tail ties are made from stainless steel, and they are available between 150 and 300 millimetres in length. They have been manufactured for use with our special PMA resin. Our wavy tail wall ties are available in boxes of 100.

Brass wall ties
Brass wall tie

Neoprene Wall Ties

These types of wall tiles come in a variety of sizes varying between 150 millimetres and 300 millimetres in length. They are made from stainless steel with neoprene expansion. Neoprene has excellent durability, which makes it beneficial for use within cavity walls. All of our neoprene wall tiles come in boxes of 100.

Frame Cramp Wall Ties

Frame cramp wall tiles are designed for new or existing brick structures. The frame cramp wall ties are available in a range of sizes from 100 millimetres to 300 millimetres in length, and they are made from a high quality stainless steel. Frame cramp wall ties are available to purchase in boxes of 100.

Brass Wall Ties

Our brass wall ties are durable and long lasting, and they are available in both 200 millimetre and 225-millimetre lengths. The brass wall ties are available to purchase in boxes of 200. Brass provides a long-lasting and rust-free wall tile, which makes it an excellent choice material for wall ties. These can also be made to order in 250mm, 300mm and 350mm lengths. Contact us with your requirements.

Drive fix wall ties
Drive fix wall tie

Drive Fix Wall Ties

Dry fix wall ties are available in a huge selection of lengths that range from 170 millimetres To 295 millimetres. Our drive fix wall ties come as a standard 8-millimetre thickness, and they are available in boxes of 100 and 200. We also offer a high quality drive fix wall setting tools which are designed to be used with the dry fix wall ties.

All of our walls tiles are made from stainless steel, which is ideal for their use. Stainless steel wall ties are durable, rust-free and thus able to stand the test of time. Stainless steel wall ties are often used to replace old uncoated mild steel and wrought iron wall ties which can often rust or be damaged over time.

Ultimately, the type of wall tie that you choose should depend on what type of bricks the wall is made from (or will be made from), the thickness of the wall and the type of wall you are building. You also need to ensure that you calculate the correct amount of wall tiles to use so that you can create a sturdy and safe wall.

You can also solve issues instantly by using remedial wall tiles. These will help to fix the immediate issues with the wall, but they are not able to fix corresponding issues such as cracks and expanding mortar on the wall. These issues will only get worse over time, so it’s important to deal with them quickly. An expert will have the skills and expertise to work on repairing a wall should you not be able to do it yourself.

We also stock a huge range of setting tools and wall tie accessories which will help you during the construction process. Depending on your projects, you may also want to think about purchasing tie tester kits with adaptors. Special setting tools also enable you to quickly and efficiently install the wall tiles on the job. They will help you to save time, which means that you can also save money. Also ensure you’ve measured the wall width so that you are purchasing the correct-sized wall ties for the task in-hand.

If you’re still having difficulty deciding what type of wall ties you need to use, then you can speak to one of our helpful advisors who will be able to recommend the right shape and style of wall tie for your requirements.

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