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Nuaire Flatmaster Positive Input Ventilator (PIV)

No Loft or Live in a Bungalow

Be condensation smart

  • 1-5 UK households are homes are poorly ventilated.
  • Do you dry clothes inside your home on the radiator
  • Insulated home also traps the moisture and will not release it?
  • Do you have excess moisture condensing on windows & walls?
  • Bad air house air flow, blocked sealed up air bricks
  • Home not heated right

We have the answers

  • Do you have streaming water on your windows?
  • Do you have mould growth?
  • Do you have poor indoor air quality?
  • Do you have excess moisture condensing on windows & walls?
  • The average UK family produces 10 litres of water a day
  • Is your home correctly heated?

How does a PIV work in my home?

What is a Nuaire Flatmaster

The Nuaire Flatmaster is a highly efficient PIV (positive input ventilation unit) specifically designed for use with properties without lofts. It is a low energy solution to ventilating apartments, basements, cellars and other areas of the home with high humidity levels.

Air is drawn in through an external grille, then passed through a G3 filter and discharged in a central location via a ducting run in the flat, basement or cellar.
A constant flow of fresh, filtered air is present in the property 24 hours per day, making mould and condensation formation very unlikely.

Very few units can match the Nuaire Flatmasters practicality and functionality whilst maintaining such compact dimensions.

What is a Nuaire Flatmaster

The creation of the Drimaster in the 1970’s was hailed a huge success and solved condensation and mould growth for thousands of properties all over the UK. Nuaire soon realised that people living in properties without roof cavities could not enjoy the new technology, and so relied on standard bathroom and extractor fans to ventilate the property. 
Space was the main concern when trying to integrate a Positive Input Ventilation unit in an apartment, they are smaller by nature, so the unit had to blend in especially well as to not become an eyesore.

The design needed to be both powerful enough to positively pressurise an entire apartment or basement, whilst being discreet and compact.
Nuaire achieved this by installing a powerful 230V motor capable of extracting up to 21.8L/s, in a unit only 19” long and 6” wide!

Left & right-handed models

Flatmaster 2000L and 2000R models have heating elements located on either the right or left side, with R models being installed on the right side of the property, and L models installed on the left side. This allows the unit to take fresh air directly from the closest exterior wall of the property.

In cooler climates, heating elements are suggested to “temper” the air being taken in. Nuaire flatmaster heat units such as the left and right models, will make use of a small heating element within the unit, gently tempering the air before discharging it. This does not heat the air in the way a radiator would, but simply takes the chill off.

Flatmaster running costs

Nuaire are very conscious of energy efficiency for both the benefit of the environment and peoples energy bills. Nuaire Flatmaster condensation ventilation units have been designed to be as economical as possible, with as little as 3W when on set to its continuous trickle mode.The running cost of a single Flatmaster would be around 1p per day, on its lowest settings and depending on the energy supplier.

An obvious concern with an internal unit mounted in the living space of a property, is the noise it may produce. 

Nauire Flatmaster Heated 2000

Nauire Flatmaster works by gently introducing fresh, filtered air into the dwelling. Air is drawn into the unit and is passed through filters before being pushed around the home

As the air moves, it creates a pressure as it dilutes, displaces and eventually replaces the stale air in the home.

As air is constantly moving, humid air cannot settle on cold surfaces, such as windows or outer walls, meaning it cannot condensate.

Eventually, this humid air is forced out of natural leakage points throughout the home – such as windows, under doors or even through keyholes.

Nuaire Flatmaster Range Comparison

Nuaire Flatmaster
Nuaire Flatmaster (PIV)
Nuaire Flatmaster (Heat)
Nauire Flatmaster 2000 Heated Unit

For properties without a loft

For properties with lofts

Compatible with relative humidity sensor

Integral heater

5-year warranty

7-year warranty

Compatible with relative humidity sensor

Compatible with CO2 sensor

Compatible with remote two-way boost switch

Nuaire Flatmaster Range Comparison

Installation and Maintenance

Flatmaster PIV
Flatmaster PIV
Nuaire Flatmaster Positive Input Ventilator PIV! 1

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In safe hands with Nuaire

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  • 7 years warrenty
  • BBA approved
  • Cures condensation
Nuiare PIV
Nuaire Flatmaster Positive Input Ventilator PIV! 5

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