Wall Ties

At Builders Super Store we stock all the Wall Ties you will ever need, Wall Ties have a number of different names, Brick Ties, Cavity Ties, Mechanical Ties. It all depends on the job your working on, whether it’s on new build, existing build with cavity wall’s, extensions or remedial work.

What ever Wall Tie you need at Builders Super Store we can supply at trade prices at any quantity and next day delivery.


Wall Ties 1

Remedial Neoprene Wall Ties

These are A2 304 grade M5 bar Neoprene wall ties with brass locking nuts, washers and anti-slip knurled nut.

Wall Ties 2

Resin Wall Ties / Extra Grip Resin Ties

Resin wall ties are designed to re-tie walls where a resin fix is required at both ends. The ties are pushed into pilot holes that have been pre-filled.

Wall Ties 3

Mechanical Brass Wall Ties

The Easi-Fix Ultimate Remedial Wall Tie sets new standards in replacement wall ties.

Wall Ties 4

Drive Wall Ties

Remedial Wall Tie and masonry crack repair system with a stress free helical pinned fixings.

Wall Ties 5

Frame Cramp Wall Ties

Stainless steel Frame Cramp for restraining masonry to new or existing structures and for building in non-structural elements.

Wall Ties 6

Brick Ties – Wavy Tail

These products allow the introduction of a cavity tie into a situation where no ties are present.

Wall Ties 7

Stainless Steel Wall Starter Kit

This great value kit from BEA contains everything you need to tie new internal or external brick or block walls

Wall Ties 8

Housing Wall Ties

This tie has a multidrip feature to prevent moisture travelling across the cavity. This can be installed either way up.